Strange Tail

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Strange Tail are a British Hard Rock band formed around early 2013 in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

Co-founded by Toby J. Rous (former Lead Singer of Bad Touch, Warden and Rusted Rose) and Taylor Maryan (former Drummer of Left IV Dead). Toby brought Lead Guitarist James Carver into the fold when the two chatted about forming a Rock band after stumbling across one another through Access To Music College, Norwich. Taylor then recruited old friend Henry Bellingham to the group, for Bass Guitar duties. Toby then discovered the final piece of the puzzle, when Lead Guitar player Jack Skipper joined the band, completing the line-up.

In early February, 2013 the band began rehearsing. Three weeks later and within a month of forming, Strange Tail had played their first gig, supporting fellow Rock band Shock Hazard on home turf at The King Edward VII pub, in Norwich. The band went down a storm and it was a great night for all in attendance.

Highly influenced by 1970s and 80s Hard Rock music, with a great love for bands such as; Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Def Leppard and FM. Playing covers and writing their own material, Strange Tail is already an exciting prospect for all involved. Especially when the band’s average age is just 18 and although young and tender in years, the group still possesses valuable knowledge as well as experience and maturity, particularly visible when you see and hear them play live.

Strange Tail are already taking bookings and searching for support slots over the next few months, into the Sumer and hope to see you out on the road soon!